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new here

hi my name is Amirah i am 23 and i am a domestic goddess lol..... my husband works for Sony (the computer /electronic side) and me i am a housewife/ college student . i dont really know how to cook lol but i do everything else since my husband works all day. pretty much i spend my days home or out shopping , visiting other housewife friends, exercising, and taking lessons in french and arabic.

my only goal in life wasnt to be a housewife but i always knew i would be a housewife even though i didnt spend my teenage years sewing , or cooking or stuff like that .... i always thought that was rather silly lol but am am enjoying it now my husband knows how to do everything imaginable and i love it! we cook together and he teaches me recipies (hes Algerian/ canadian and me i am black/hispanic), and he sews lol but we never needed that skill

to my husband i am his wife, best friend, personal assistant , financial advicer, shrink ,doctor , and so much more.

my advice to the girls who want to be houswives is get an education first because if something ever happens to your husband and you have to work you need something to fall back on. i currently have one college degree and am close to finishing my second and third... all the housewives in my community have at least a bachelors in a range of fields form communications to chemistry and psychology.

also familarize yourself with everything not just cooking and cleaning and sewing those are great but  you need to really have a good understanding of how to budget money, filing taxes, paying bills, everything.

good luck to you all and may you make it  to the housewife club

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