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So, funny story.

My friend and I started this community four years ago when her sister got married to a wealthy Englishman and lived a life we thought to be amazing.  Since then, they have had two children and continue to live a comfortable life.  I do not know if she has a job now or not.

Neither of us have looked at this community in years (or livejournal, for that matter).

I am honestly happy to see that some girls have found it and utilize it, and if anyone would like to take over as a moderator and improve this community, send me a comment however possible and let me know, and I'll give you the password and whatever else you would need to take over.

I find it hilarious that CosmoGIRL would mention this community in an article of theirs, slamming us as misled young girls.  Feminism is about CHOICES.  The CHOICE to either be a career-woman, or a housewife, or both.  That's the beauty of the feminist movement!  We get to CHOOSE what we want to do with ourselves, rather than be told what to do.


As for us, Emily is pregnant, due in December, set to be married next year, and very happy with Brendan.
I am living with my boyfriend, Brian, while finishing up my bachelor's degree.  We have a dog, Colby.

We are both very happy maintaining the houses and cooking for our significant others.  It's what we always wanted, and we are STILL PURSUING OUR CAREERS.  We're doing what makes us happy, which includes taking care of our boys.

Girls: Cook, clean, make money, love, be happy--it's what being a woman is all about!

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