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domestic stuff

my entries are always so boring but there havn't been any in a few days. i think this community just needs a little something to get it going....and ice breaker. what would a good hostess have as an ice breaker? nice thing to think about.

anyways, here are some domestic things that I have enjoyed doing lately: cleaning my room, did laundry at home this weekend, magically got buffalo sauce out of my favorite tank top (phew), cleaned the bathroom at the boyfriends house, and then i went to tackle the kitchen... halfway through the dishes i just got to some gross shit i couldnt even handle. his roommate had made scrabled eggs 4 days ago and just threw the pan in the sink, then put water in it... and then later he made ramen noodles and just dumped what he didnt want in the sink. I am happy to do both of their dishes any time becuase it is therapuetic for me, but this stuff smelled like barf. What would a domestic goddess do?

Also my roommate (who hasnt made an LJ yet but still aspires to be a domestic goddess) is bringing her aunts sewing machine up to school, and she is going to teach me how to sew. it looks pretty easy. i'm excited. ok that is all for now. peace girlies
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